About Current Campaigns

Since our founding, Men Supporting Women With Cancer’s (MSWWC) mission has been to educate, empower, and mobilize men across the country to be there for the women they love who are battling cancer together to navigate the crisis of cancer. 

MSWWC has been a pioneer in providing educational programming and information to help male caregivers and their families. This is highlighted by our pink and blue awareness heart ribbon symbolizing this is a fight we must face together side by side as partners in survival.

Our newest innovation, The Caregivers Tool Kit For Men, will reach and engage men when they are the most vulnerable- at the time the women he loves is diagnosed with cancer. 

The Tool Kits will provide men helpful information on what is needed to be an educated and empowered caregiver. Each Tool Kit will be comprised of a 3-ring zippered binder to hold all reports, results, imagining CD’s, our signature caregiving book and a new 30-page booklet on what to expect and what you can do to be a helpful caregiver. The Tool Kits will be distributed at hospitals, health care facilities, and MSWWC’s website at no charge to patient’s.

There is, as always, nothing more important than being there for family and those we love. Please support this invaluable tool that will make a difference to any family battling cancer. 

Yes, I want to support the Caregiver’s Tool Kit For Men helping all men being there for the women he loves battling cancer.

Your gracious support will be combined with the gracious support of others so we can provide the Tool Kits to families fighting cancer

1 Tool Kit @ $50 ● 3 Tool Kits @ $150 ● 5 Tool Kits @ $250

10 Tool Kits @ $500  ● 20 Tool Kits @ $1000